Back To School

It’s that time of year again………Back To School.

While it can be exciting to start the new school year, it can also be stressful.  You have to have the perfect first day outfit that will make your friends jealous and will catch the eye of that cute guy from last year who somehow got even more attractive over the summer.  And let’s not forget about the most important thing…..your hair.

Here are a few Back To School hairstyles for long and short hair that are sure to earn you “Best Hair”:

Half Up:

Long Hair:


Half Up Long Hair

Part off your hair into two sections around the ears.  Leaving the bottom half loose, pull the upper half back and pull into a ponytail.  Throw in some loose curls in the lower half to give this a flirtier vibe.  Use Shaoé Crème de la Crème Setting Spray to keep your style in place all day!

Short Hair:

Half Up Short Hair

To achieve this look, use Shaoé Sophisticated Smoothing Serum throughout hair while wet. Blowdry hair away from your face with a round brush to achieve maximum volume.  After hair is dry, divide hair into two sections, pulling the upper half back and secure in place with bobby pins.  Frame your face by pulling out some shorter pieces in the front.



Long Hair:

Waves Long Hair

Who doesn’t love that loose curl look? I know I do! To get some body into your hair, spray Shaoé Crème de la Crème Setting Spray before using your hot tools to protect your hair from the heat.  Taking one inch sections, wrap your hair around a large barrel curling iron.  Let your hair cool then flip it upside down and shake it loose.  You can run your fingers through the pieces that aren’t as loose to break it up a little.  Finish by spraying Shaoé Crème de la Crème Setting Spray all over for an all-day hold.

Short Hair:

Waves Short Hair

Even though we’re heading into fall, it is still hot and humid outside.  Use Shaoé Opulent Curl Shine Cream while wet.  Blowdry your hair with a diffuser to achieve maximum curl.  Try blowdrying with a diffuser upside down to achieve maximum curl and volume.  After you blowdry, spray Shaoé Crème de la Crème Setting Spray to give your hair more definition.


Fishtail Braid:

Long Hair:

Fishtail Braid Long Hair

To achieve this look, use Shaoé Rejuvenating Bliss Styling Treatment throughout your hair before you braid to give you a lightweight hold for creative flexibility.  For a softer and more romantic feel, leave out some pieces of hair around your face.  This is a quick and easy style for those early mornings when perfection is out of the question. The more tousled your braid is, the better it looks.

Short Hair:

Fishtail Braid Short Hair

Use your shorter layers to your advantage with Shaoé Radiant Texturizing Hair Polish to achieve an edgier look. Letting them poke out of the braid gives this a roughed up style that pairs perfectly with that leather jacket you’ve been dying to break out of your closet!



Long Hair:

Bedhead Long hair

Ladies, don’t be afraid to take this style seriously! Wash your hair the night before. While your hair is still wet, work Shaoé Opulent Curl Shine Cream from roots to ends.  With your hair still wet, section your hair into four mini ballet buns with two on top of your head and two on the lower half and go to sleep.  In the morning, take out the buns, flip your hair upside down, and spray a little of Shaoé Crème de la Crème Setting Spray while scrunching your hair.  This will give your waves some definition.

Short Hair:

Bedhead Short Hair

For you ladies with shorter hair, wash your hair the night before and work in Shaoé Opulent Curl Shine Cream.  Instead of doing four mini ballet buns, use two French braids while your hair is still wet.  In the morning, toss your hair upside down and shake your braids loose.  While upside down, tousle your hair and give it a spritz of Shaoé Crème de la Crème Setting Spray.

Come to Avant Gard the Salon to purchase these decadent products to achieve these Back To School looks. For more tips and tricks, call (317) 272-7660 to schedule your appointment with one of our fabulous designers!

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