Fierce, Fearless, and Fabulous

Can we just take a moment to talk about this awesome new hair trend that’s happening?  I am IN LOVE with pastel and vivid colored hair! I mean, who said that hair color had to be restricted to just blondes, brunettes, and reds?  That’s so 1980’s, girlfriend!

These colors provide a new way to express yourself with your hair.

Are you vivacious and FIERCE? Throw in some bright red highlights, or dive right in and go bright red all-over. Don’t be afraid to make people say “wow”.

Fierce Red

Are you more sweet and innocent? Try out a pastel ombré with light blue and lavender, or mix it up with blonde and pastel pink to achieve that FABULOUS baby doll look.

Pastel ombré

Gentlemen, don’t feel left out! You can be included in this trend too! Feel like your “suit” is missing a little pizzazz? Use some slate gray to add that extra superhero attitude and let everyone know you’re FEARLESS.

Slate Gray

This hair trend is such a fun thing to try out this summer! Even if you have darker hair, read our Blonde Ambition blog to safely get your hair lightened for pastel colors!

Don’t be afraid to take a risk and show everyone how FIERCE, FEARLESS, and FABULOUS you are through your hair!

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