Halloween Hair and Makeup

“Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting, Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing. For a charm of powerful trouble, like a hell-broth boil and bubble.” –William Shakespeare

Halloween: it’s the most wonderful time of the year.  You get to go all out with your makeup, do a crazy hairstyle, wear an elaborate costume, and the crazier you look the more people love it. And personally, I think that you’re never too old to get candy.

If you’re struggling with what you should be for Halloween this year, here are a few ideas that definitely have some great hair and makeup:

Disney Princess


Elsa  snow white

This may seem like a traditional fall back, but add your own personal flair and show everyone a princess they’ve never seen before.  Elsa took the world by winter storm when Frozen came out.  Turn her side braid into your own by adding some glitter and fake snow to your braid for that extra icy look. You could always go for the original with Snow White by pulling your hair up in pin curls and a red ribbon. Grab your best friend or significant other to go as one of your seven dwarves.




medusa medusa2

There are so many ways to make this costume your own. You can go green with your makeup for more of the snake skin color look or grey for the stone look. Add some snake scales around your hair line to look like molting snake skin. Don’t be afraid to get voluminous with your hair! The bigger the hair, the more snakes you can add in and you’ll be turning people to stone in no time!


Pop Art Comic


Popart popart2

Pop art comic costumes are a super fun costume that you can really do anything with. You can go with a 50’s pin up look or you can make it more modern.  You can choose any facial expression you want and just paint it on.  You can also chose any hairstyle.  You can have long curls or pin your hair up. With this costume, the more dramatic the better.


mermaid2 mermaid

This costume is probably my favorite. Probably because it gives you so many opportunities to add in glitter.  You don’t have to have red hair like Ariel to pull this one off.  Make your hair blue, purple, or pink…any color really.  You can find some faux fish scales and apply them to your face and hair for an authentic mermaid look.  Don’t forget to curl your hair into beachy waves for that fresh out of the sea look.  Make yourself a fishing net veil with shells and starfish added to it to let everyone know that no fishermen or net can capture you!




zombie zombie2

It wouldn’t be a good list of Halloween costumes without one scary option.  A zombie costume’s fright level is completely up to you.  You can turn the terror up to 10 and look like your fresh out of the grave ready to chow down on people’s flesh and brains.  Cover yourself in the blood of your victims.  Have some blood running from your mouth and on your hands; you can even had some into your hair.  Bonus points if you add some left over pieces of flesh in your hair and around your mouth.  Or you can turn the horror way down and go with a cartoonish Frankenstein.  Either way you go with this costume, make sure you have crazy hair! Tease it up, make it point in different directions, get crazy with it! Zombies don’t have time to fix their hair when their next meal is still out there!


Need help with your hair and makeup for your costume? Don’t fret! Call Avant Gard the Salon at (317) 272-7660 to schedule your Halloween makeover now!

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