New Artist

While other salons will offer incentive pricing to help train their new talent, Avant Gard Salon picks the Créme de la Créme from our sister company Avant Gard the School.  This allows us to pre-train our talented designers in our Secret 7 Styling System.  When our new artists become licensed, they must go through a rigorous training program that includes models and testing.  Once they have passed this portion of training, they are awarded a spot behind the chair.  Be assured that Avant Gard puts its’ seal of approval on, and stands behind the talent of, every designer at the salon.  Avant Gard prides itself on the talent of our artists, and we believe that translates into more a satisfied guest.

If you are interested in being a model for our new artists during their training program, please let our front desk staff assist you with making an appointment.