Air Brush Spray Tanning

Avant Gard believes in beautiful healthy skin so we choose to offer the safest, organic Spray Tanning option available. Our system offers the most natural coloring and reduced Odors from any others system out there. In a private room setting.

Single Visit $35
Double Dip (2 more coats in addition to $35) $10
Extra DHA Drops (every 2 drops) $10
3 Sessions (Makes each visit $30) $90
4 Sessions (Makes each visit $28) $112
5 Sessions (Makes each visit $27) $137
10 Sessions (Makes each visit $25) $250

Each session fee includes

  • Exfoliating treatment
  • Hair Cap
  • Disposable Underwear/bra (Men wear dark boxers)
  • PH prep
  • Barrier Cream

Additional Expenses (Optional)

  • Foot Pads – $2.50
  • Drops DHA (every 2) – $10
  • 2nd spray – $10
  • Toe Saver – $10
  • Finger Saver – $10

Tanning Partys

  • For 4-5 people = $28.00 per person
  • 6-9 people = $25.00 per person
  • 10 or more = $23.00 per person

Tanning Partys Terms

  • Pre Pay at time of appointment booking
  • Person booking will be responsible for full payment of party
  • Final count 24 hours prior to visit
  • Cancellation must be 24 hours prior to visit to receive a refund
  • Hostess/ Bride is responsible to obtain payment from their guest

All services can be customized for your Tanning Party

Bridal Party – Girl’s night out – Birthdays – Photo shoot – Fitness – Pageants – Prom – Graduation – Bachelor/Bachelorette Party’s – Pre-Wedding – Pre-Holiday – Convention – Spa Party – TV/Print?Film – Fashion Show- Vacation – Dance Recitals – Competitions – Healthy glow to the skin – Just Want to be Tan…


Air Brush Tanning FAQ

What formula do you use?

The highest quality organic tanning solutions on the market DHA (Dihydroyacetone=3 carbon sugars) levels 9-12.9%, Wrinkle free, moisturizing, Skin firming, anti aging and promotes younger looking skin Paraben Free formula.

What if I have sensitive skin?

Ask for a patch test prior to visit. Wait 24-48 hours.

Can I just walk in?

Yes it is best to prepare prior to the visit.

Do I need to do anything before my visit?

Yes, see below

  1. Wash, shave, and exfoliate the night before. We recommend Mastery Use Me First. If you come in with colognes or lotions we have wipes to help exfoliate and bring your PH to a level to insure better results and a longer lasting tan.
  2. Wear or bring loose fitting clothing. We have a dryer on our system, but it takes 10 min for the application to dry (Please bring something to occupy yourself for 10 min), 30 min to thoroughly dry. The solution can get on clothing and can stain light colors.
  3. Moisturize daily to preserve and extend your tan.
  4. For lighter results shower 2 hours after application.
  5. For medium results shower 6 hours after application.
  6. For dark results shower 12 hours after application.
  7. For best and darkest results shower 12 hours after application.
  8. This service does not protect you from the sun. When in the outside sun you will need to still protect with UV protection.
  9. This service is applied by a spray gun by a female Technician.
  10. Women -receive disposable underwear/bra for service.
  11. Men – need to wear dark boxers.
  12. Bring Lip Balm.
  13. For privacy purposes, one person at a time will be spray tanned.

Contact us for any further questions.