Which Beauty School is Right for You?

There is a lot of bad press about the beauty industry, but not enough credit where credit is due.  Every career has its up and downs, but the beauty industry is very rewarding.  Cosmetology is always a secure career.  Whether the economy is flourishing or declining, people are always looking for a stylist to make them look and feel better.

You get to express your creativity, and your artwork can be seen around town on live models.  The beauty industry lives off of challenging and creative work.  There are very few creative careers that can provide you with economic stability and the beauty industry is one of them.  You are able to express yourself artistically in different forms every day, leading to a career that is never dull and monotonous.

The job demand for cosmetology is increasing and is a very well paying career.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for cosmetologists has steadily increased in the past ten years, and the average annual income of a cosmetologist continues to rise. The BLS.gov report says that job demand for cosmetologists is expected to continue to grow through 2022. You can also get into your career sooner than most professions.  Cosmetology allows you to become a professional in half the time for a fraction of the cost of traditional college.

The beauty industry is also a very popular career among parents and single parents.  Most parents are working boring, 40+ hours a week jobs just to cover their child care.  In cosmetology, your schedule is more flexible to accommodate your needs.  You can work full-time, part-time, mornings, nights, or weekends.  You can base your schedule around your children’s needs and cut down the cost of child care.

All of this may sound appealing to you, but how do you know which school to go to?

There are two different types of beauty schools you can choose from: franchise or locally owned.

While franchise schools may sound appealing because of the big name associated with them, what are you really getting out of it?  The owners of franchise schools traditionally pay a fee for their school to be associated with a well-known hair industry name, and sometimes aren’t even cosmetologists.  Majority of the time, the fee they have to pay is passed off onto their students through their tuition which leads to their prices being raised.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a good deal to me.

If I am going to go to cosmetology school, I want to be taught by someone who is actually a cosmetologist and is the best.

Avant Gard the School is locally owned in Avon, IN and has earned the title “Top Beauty School in the Nation”.

Avant Gard the School

Owners, Josef and Shaun Settle, are world renowned industry professionals and have achieved many accomplishments throughout their years in the industry.  Some recognitions as seen in:

  • TOP SALON IN THE NATION Short Hair Publication 2013- Harrison Publications
  • BEST COLOR SALON— “Elle” Magazine
  • BEST SALON IN TOWN— “Elle” Magazine
  • BEST FASHION SALON-“ W” Magazine
  • BEST COLOR SALON— “Allure” Magazine
  • THE IMAGE MAKERS— “Allure” Magazine
  • SHAUN was awarded TOP DESIGNER— “Indianapolis Monthly”
  • BEST BEAUTY SPOT— “Vogue” Magazine
  • BEST SALON — “Hendricks County Flyer”
  • TOP SALON IN THE NATION— “Modern Salon”
  • A-LIST TOP 5 2009
  • The School has been honored with: BEST COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL IN THE NATION 2009

At Avant Gard the School, you will not only be able to meet the owners but also be given hands on training from Josef and Shaun themselves. You will learn their exclusive Secret Seven Salon System, the most successful career building education available! Also, you will be introduced to their new International retail line, Shaoé Haircare, and be given opportunities to work with them around the globe! Small class sizes are available for more one-on-one teaching.  At Avant Gard the School, you learn from the BEST so you can be the BEST!

Avant Gard the School 2

Why go to any “fancy-named” school, when you can attend the BEST?  Don’t keep your future waiting! Now is the perfect time to enroll! Call Natasha at 317-272-1212 TODAY!

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