I am a graduate of Mooresville High School. I attended Indiana State University in 1982 for business management and transferred to IUPUI to finish my degree. My family is very strong & driven that they instilled in me the dream to own a business. I just wasn’t sure where my passion was. I met Shaun in 1988 & one year later, got married. We began to incorporate our skills and work on a business plan. During this time, we felt we should start our family first. Our daughter was born in 1991. I was in school for photography at this time, happy to fulfill my artistic side. Our business plan was to have an incredible salon that would do complete makeovers then I would give them a photo package to reveal their experience. In 1992, we opened our dream salon. Six months after opening, I began to find my passion and enrolled in cosmetology school. This truly has become my calling. Six months after graduation, I was recruited by Rusk to become an educator for them. This was quite an accomplishment because manufactures do not recruit a designer with less than two years’ experience. Shaun & I began to travel & educate together. With all of the experience & training we were able to bring it right back to our salon. I went back to school in 2002 to gain my instructors license, so we could start fulfilling our next dream. Knowing there had to be changes in the cosmetology school system to better prepare future designer for the work force, Avant Gard the School opened in 2004. Not only are we graduating prepared and qualified designers, it has helped us to build our incredible team at Avant Gard.



Sense of Style:

Main Stream Fashion. I get a lot of my looks from New York or California. They are very much on the top of the trends. Some of my favorite stores are Nordstrom, Men’s Express, & Saks.


Artistic Motivation:

Pure education is my dream and passion. I thoroughly enjoy molding new designers, although I still need a little salon fix. This helps me to stay creative and learn new techniques and take them back to the students.



Of course, our two businesses take most of my time. I enjoy spending time with my two best friends, my wife and daughter (Yes, I am older than I look, ha, ha).  For those who really know me, being on reality TV is my goal!


Favorite Charities:

Sheltering Wings, American Cancer Society, Multiple Sclerosis, & March of Dimes, Humane Society, H.E.A.R.T


Favorite Quote:

“When the World laughs at you, laugh back. It’s just as funny as you are.”